Let’s Lower the Risk of Cancer Together

Most people have been touched by cancer in some way or another.  There are a number of outside factors that can lead to the development of Cancer in an individual.  There are also a number of ways to lower our risks of the disease.  Let’s take a look at some steps we can make in our lives to live healthier.

  • STOP SMOKING-Smoking cigarettes leads to exposure to hundreds of chemical, many are known to cause cancer. This unhealthy habit not only puts us in danger to cancer of the lungs, but also stomach, bladder, kidney, mouth and throat.  There are many methods for kicking the habit available.
  • NUTRIENTS AND FIBER-Fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale and watercress are rich in antioxidants and can protect our bodies from DNA damage. Berries rich in color are also helpful.
  • MAINTAIN A HEALTHY BODY WEIGHT-Being overweight can raise the risk of the development of cancer in our bodies. Scientists have found a release from fat cells that will promote the growth of cancerous cells.
  • MODERATION IN ALCOHOL-Overindulgence in most anything can be problematic. So true it is with booze.  Certain types of cancer (such as cancer of the breast and liver) are associated with alcohol.  The more we consume, the higher risk.  Drink responsibly.
  • MODERATION IN PROCESSED FOOD-Processed meats which can include sausage, hot dogs and bacon contain chemicals known as nitrates and these have been shown to linked to cancer. Healthier alternatives can include chicken or fish.

A cancer diagnosis can be life changing, not just for the patient but their family members and loved ones as well.  Having a trained professional familiar with the effects of cancer treatment and symptoms can really make a difference in the fight.  No one should have to go through cancer alone.  Our highly trained and caring Home Care Professionals are available on an hourly or live-in schedule.  Call us today at 562-929-8400 or 949-650-3800 today for a free quote and to learn more about how we can help your familyh

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