Affordable Mental Health Care For War Veterans Near Los Angeles

Do you or a loved one suffer from residual mental health problems that were brought on while serving our proud nation? With Memorial Day just around the corner, it’s time our country returned the favor by serving its war veterans with lasting health care, and A-1 Home Care has the right resources to accomplish this.

While many war vets fall victim to post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because of the horrifying tribulations they’ve had to endure for our country’s sake, there are other common mental maladies they frequently suffer from that receive less publicity. Some of the other mental health issues common among post-war vets include severe depression, alcohol dependence and accompanying mental degeneration, and Parkinson’s disease. Another unfortunate result often seen in military combat returnees includes traumatic brain injuries (TBIs). TBIs can cause lasting and progressive brain function problems, ranging from those as trivial as a shorter attention span to those as life-threatening as early-onset dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Vets are also more likely to suffer from a general lack of motivation, moodiness, extreme anxiety, frequent headaches, and memory loss.

Considering each of these harrowing mental health issues often come with impaired cognitive functioning and a lower quality of life, it’s important that affected patients get effective elder care immediately. A-1 Home Care is all about providing compassion and dedication to its patients, and provides 24 hour in-home care for the warriors who have protected our nation and have paid the price with their deteriorating mental health. The care providers on staff assist patients with general housecleaning services, meal preparations, personal hygiene care, transportation, and much more so they can be rightly served going forward.

A-1 Home Care brings its comprehensive senior care services to cities across the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, including Malibu, Studio City, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, and Redondo Beach.

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