Father’s Day Gift Idea for Seniors


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Regardless of your feelings about the commercialization of Father’s Day, a gift for the patriarch of the family has become a tradition, and many folks struggle to come up with gift ideas on this holiday. America spends an estimated $1 billion annually on gifts for Father’s Day, and it is especially difficult to find the right gift to show your appreciation and love for senior dads.  However, we want to suggest some gift ideas to hopefully ease your stress and worries about finding the perfect gift.

  • Personalized Tie – It may seems cliche to purchase a tie for your dad on Father’s Day, but a personalized tie that has patterns that fit his hobbies or passion can be a great gift.  For example, if he is a devoted fan of the Los Angeles Dodgers, we believe a Dodgers necktie is a great gift for him.
  • Gift that improves daily living – Big button phones or television remotes to allow them to easily navigate calls and their favorite shows. Medical alert system, from necklace to bracelet, to easily call for emergency help for independent living
  • Walking Shoes – Good traction and comfortable to avoid falls. Falls are the most common cause of injuries for seniors.  It can cause sprains, bone fractures, head injuries and more. Since falls can often be attributed to their shoes. Make sure the shoes are fit.
  • E-Reader – For seniors who love to read, a e-reader is a great device because it can carry thousands of books and have adjustable font size and contrast for easy access.
  • Stereo turntable and vinyl records – Vinyl records is having a resurgence in recent years, and you can easily find cheap, used records of their favorite artists at the local record stores

Consider these suggestions above, use some imagination and thoughtfulness, you will be sure to find a great gift for your elderly father!

For seniors with more severe health problems, many families are providing their elderly father and mother the gift of home care.  Rather than moving them to a nursing home, providing them a home care service allows them to stay independent and live comfortably.  A-1 Home Care strives to bring a the best home care service for seniors and a peace of mind for families.  Therefore, we are adamant about finding the best of the best caregivers around the Los Angeles and Orange County communities to bring the highest quality home care for the elderly population.  They can enjoy services in Arthritis care, Kidney Disease Care, Diabetes Care, Brain Injury Care,  Multiple Sclerosis Care, Parkinson’s Care, Heart Attack care, Alzheimer’s Care, and more.  Receive services in  Malibu, Santa Monica, Studio City, Palos Verdes, Hollywood, Beverly Hills Marina Del Rey, Redondo Beach, Pasadena, Burbank, Glendale, and cities around Los Angeles and Orange County.

Home care service available 24/7, call A-1 Home Care at 562-929-8400, or visit our website at www.a-1domestic.com to learn more. Stay connected by liking us on  Facebook.

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