True Meaning of Memorial Day

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Like many holidays year around, Memorial Day seems to have lost its true meaning in our society.  Christmas and Thanksgiving have become a consumerism holiday, and Veteran’s Day and Memorial Day are a long weekend road trip and barbecue for many.

However, Memorial Day is established to commemorate those who have sacrificed their lives to defend our country and the freedom we are currently enjoying. It is not only the current war in the Middle East, but all the past wars since our country have founded.  All those who have fought in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, The World Wars, Korean War, and Vietnam War. We must all remember those we’ve lost, and support those veterans who are still alive and have become wonderful citizen of our society.

If you are an elderly U.S veteran, you may be eligible for Veteran Benefits from the Veteran Administration, which can help provide financial assistance with long term care.  A-1 Home Care will gladly help you guide through the confusing application process and get you the perfect home health aide as quickly.  Our professional caregiving service are able to help seniors with a variety of in home care needs. We require a minimum of 2 years experience for all caregivers, and theymust have CPR and First Aid certification before being placed as a caregiver.  Furthermore, they are flexible to cover services After Surgery care, Kidney Disease Care, Diabetes Care, Brain Injury Care,  Parkinson’s Care, Heart Attack care, Alzheimer’s Care, and more. Find us in MalibuSanta Monica, Studio City, Palos Verdes, Hollywood, Beverly Hills Marina Del Rey, Redondo Beach, and cities around Los Angeles and Orange County.

Inquire about service today! Call us at 562-929-8400,  or you may visit to learn more. Look for us on Facebook!

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