March is National Kidney Month

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The kidneys filter about 200 liters of blood each day to help clear out toxins, waste, and water, and the kidneys serve a vital role in our overall health.  Because A-1 Home Care provide in home care service for seniors, we have first hand experience in knowing how kidney disease can affect someone’s daily functions.  The National Kidney Foundation enlightened us with a few tips to reduce our risk of kidney disease that we want to share with you today.

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle – Regulating blood pressure and blood sugar levels can greatly help toward preventing or slowing down kidney disease. So a healthy diet and regular exercise is important to help maintain these levels
  2. Maintain a healthy weight – The more heavy you are, the harder the kidneys have to work to filter the toxins and waste, thus increasing the risk of kidney disease.  So in conjunction to the first tip, it is important to keep up with a health body weight
  3. Be aware of medications – Kidneys work to filter the medications we take, and any excessive use of any medication can cause harm to the kidneys
  4. Quit smoking – Although smoking rate is declining, there are still plenty of smokers out there.  Smoking not only increases the risk of kidney disease, but it also worsen other diseases that cause damage to the kidney. Not to mention the many other health conditions that can be prevented by quitting smoking.

So during this National Kidney Month, we want everyone to be aware of their kidney health. Commit to a healthy lifestyle, get your blood pressure and blood sugar level tested, and talk to your doctors about your kidney health!

No matter the health conditions or needs, our caregivers from A-1 Home Care aim to provide a peace of mind for loved ones.  You can expect support around the home as part of our service, including meal preparation, housecleaning, incontinence care, hygiene management, medication reminder, errands, transportation, and more.  Services we cover include Kidney Disease Care, After Surgery Care, Parkinson’s Care, Brain Injury care, Arthritis Care, Post Stroke Care, Heart Attack Care, and more.  If you and your loved ones are residing in  Santa MonicaMalibu, Hollywood, Long Beach, Burbank, Pasadena, San Marino, Whittier, Encino,  Calabasas, and others areas in Los Angeles and Orange County, don’t hesitate to contact A-1 Home Care to inquire about service!

Find affordable in home caregivers by calling 560-929-8400 today!

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