Things that a Conservatorship Should Understand

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Getting older isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but some hardships to come with it, one of those being that taking care of oneself becomes more difficult.  Thanks to elder law, more and more people are being granted conservatorship of a loved one or elder, senior, incapacitated, or minor.  A lot of people see this task as something too daunting and frightening, but there are resources at your disposal to help.  A conservatorship’s task is to take care of the estate planning/finances and health of the individual they have been legally assigned to take care of.

We know that this sounds like a lot of work, especially when you combine that with work and other personal activities, but you nee to know that this is something that doesn’t have to be done alone.  A-1 Home Care is one such place that can help you with maintaining your loved ones health and well being.  How it works is that you give us a call and we send our professional caregivers to your household, hospice, hospital, or any place that you need our caregiver to go.  Caregivers can be at your  home the very same day that you give us a call.  Caregivers are either hired at an hourly basis or live-in, that is something that is arranged in the beginning.  Creating trust is what we want to do, so we work closely with you to make sure we send you the perfect caregiver.  Each and every caregiver has at least two years of experience and  all of them are up to date with vaccines.  Are caregivers are professionals and will consistently perform at a high level to give the best home care possible.

The beauty of it all is that our services are offered on a 24-hour basis, so this means that you will get the help when you need it.   Some of these services include, but are not limited to, elder care, home care, live-in care, senior care, hospice care, alzheimer care, after surgery care, cancer care, multiple sclerosis care, and respite care.  Conservatorship is not the end of the world, just allow yourself to be helped by professionals who know exactly what they are doing.

To begin service today, contact us at 562-929-8400 , visit for additional info, and you can keep up to date with us on Facebook and Twitter!

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