Healthy Exercises for Seniors

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Maintaining exercise can be discouraging due to a number of potential accidents that could occur. However, exercising is an essential component for a long-lasting healthy life. By remaining active, many diseases or chronic conditions such as diabetes and arthritis can be prevented. There are four aspects that must be taken into account when exercising: balance, flexibility, strength, and cardio.

Balance: Balance exercises is essential in prevention loss of coordination which can later lead to a fall or injury. Yoga is a great way to sharpen your coordination.

Flexibility: Stretches can loosen the joints and reduce injury severity if a fall may occur. Flexibility is important when facing simple tasks such as checking a blind-spot or bending to tie your shoes.

Strength:Weight-lifting exercises can build muscles so your speed and reaction time will increase.

Cardio: Cardio exercises works the circulatory system and can prevent heart disease. Exercises include swimming, hiking, and walking.

Exercising can decrease dependency; however, for those seeking aid in completing day-to-day tasks, A-1 domestic can help. Since 1991, we have provided qualified and compassionate caregivers such as Christopher B. and Marisol R. We are licensed, bonded, and insured. Open 24/7, we are dedicated to guaranteeing customer-caregiver compatibility. Our services include, but is not limited  to brain-injury care, Parkinson’s care, and dementia care. We send caregivers to Sherman Oaks, Whittier, Pasadena, and Downey and cities in Los Angeles and Orange County.

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