Hourly Home Care for Elderly and Terminally-ill in Los Angeles

A-1 domestic Activities

When a loved one or family member is facing a terminally-ill disease, it is necessary that they receive the upmost and proper care that can be given by those of professional expertise. Patients suffering from these diseases must receive social, spiritual, physical, and psychologically care according to Ohio State University. For instance, the physical side effects of a terminally-ill disease such as diarrhea, nausea, or loss of appetite can be eased when placed in the hands of trained caregivers. Additionally, as terminally-ill persons suffer from of anxiety or depression, simply a gentle touch and loving hug can bring a psychological comfort. Patients must be reminded that their life continues to be meaningful.  In order to properly tend to concerns of a terminally-ill person, caregivers should be keen to the specific needs whether it be a providing a helping hand or an attentive ear.

Our A-1  Home Care Agencies can provide experienced caregivers like Andrew H. and Delaila P. can fulfill the needs of those suffering from a terminally-ill disease. A-1 Domestic provides a free in-home assessment to cater specifically to your loved one’s special needs whether it be cancer, brain injury, or dementia.  We are proudly serving in the areas of Pasadena, Studio City, Long Beach, and Santa Monica. Our agency is licensed, bonded, and insured and provides caregivers who are CPR and First Aid certified.

Call 310-657-8780 to learn more about our service, or visit www.a-1domestic.com for more information. Also, like us on facebook!

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